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Marvel Tsum Tsum zoom! Let me hear you say “Way-Oh!”

Tsum Tsum. Marvel Tsum Tsum. Every time I say it I’m reminded of those Mazda commercials from the early 2000’s. “zoom zoom.” And just like the vehicles displayed in those Mazda commercials, Marvel Tsum Tsum is fast paced, intuitive, slick, and lots of fun.

The Marvel brand, in it’s continued attempt at total global domination, has teamed up with XFlag Inc. and NHN PlayArt to release another wonderful game for your mobile device, this time forgoing the super muscles for super cuteness! Marvel Tsum Tsum is a fast paced puzzle powerhouse that leaves you tickled and tense for more adorable action. Tsum Tsums, for those who’ve recently unearthed themselves from underneath a rock, are the fluffy stackable gerbil/pill shaped craze that all started in Disney Japan and is slowly, and adorably, making its way all over the map. Marvel Tsum Tsum capitalizes on that cuteness craze by cleverly crafting an addictive connect-a-like-n-collapse game that’s fast paced and fun! Think along the lines of connect the dots and candy crush, but a whole lot cuter, and on crack.

The idea is simple enough: drag your finger across the screen connecting three or more of the cute and cuddly versions of your favorite Marvel characters to score points and build your power meter. The more Tsum Tsum’s you chain together, the faster your mega charge will fill up. Once it’s full, activate your mega charge and perform powerful combos for massive points. Repeat. It’s perfect for on-the-go gaming fun, and with wonderful sound effects and triumphant music, the adventure has never been cuter!


But worry not, faithful reader, Marvel Tsum Tsum isn’t all about cuddly Agent Coulson’s or lovable Loki’s, there’s a degree of challenge thrown in amongst the cuteness. There are multiple worlds that you can visit, and each world is littered with stages that need clearing, stars that need collecting, and bad guy bosses that need battling! Yes, battling. Within each stage is a chance to obtain 3 stars, each star awarded for achieving a pre-designated point total per stage. Once enough stars are collected, more worlds with more stages are become accessible to you. Every few stages or so, you will come across a nefarious ne’er do well. The rogues gallery presented in Marvel Tsum Tsum ranges from a Hydra Minion to Green Goblin and even Ronin the Accuser.

As the game progresses, your character will level up, and in doing so earn points that will also increase the effectiveness of your mega charge. As you level, you will also be able to collect more hero tsum tsum characters, each hero with a different special power. If you select Hawkeye as your special tsum tsum, he will fire a volley of arrows across the screen.  Iron Man’s special skill will fire a photon cannon that will  take care of a whole row of tsum tsums for you. Each character skill is different, and each skill has it’s own special perk to bring to the table. All in all, Marvel Tsum Tsum is a fun and magical title, sure to satisfy young Marvel fans and veteran finger flingers alike.

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