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PokeMonday 9/6/2016: PokeMonday, But On A TUESDAY!! ;)

Pokemon Go


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there to all you awesome Poke-People out there! O hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend. We here at Awesome Game Blog most certainly had a good time and we made sure to put our Labor Day labors towards gaming and BBQ. 😉 We hope you did too. 🙂

It’s been quite a big week in terms of updates and promises for our beloved game, namely buddy pokemon! That’s right, pretty soon we might be able to walk side by side with our favorite pocket monster, opening up unique rewards and experiences. Bulbasaur has always been my favorite, so it’s a no brainer who my little buddy is gonna be. 😛 Niantic promised that this update is “just around the corner”, so hopefully it will arrive in time to go trick-or-treating with a Ghastly as your Halloween poke-buddy. 😉

This week’s poke-adventure took me to the beautiful Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park, situated in peaceful west Irvine.  This park is located near the corner of Alton and Harvard, adjacent to the Irvine Police Station, with entry ways to the San Diego Creek and Peter’s Canyon Trail.  Bill Barber Park also hosts one of my favorite playgrounds around. Walking through this park to hatch my eggs made me want to be a kid again just so I could freely play in the play area care free. Colorful bridges and walk ways, with lots of curvy slides. My imagination ran wild with childhood fervor and joy, just dreaming of pretending to be a pirate or see captain once again. But alas, the days of youthful vigor are beyond me, so I cast aside my dreams of childhood playfulness and continued to capture Pokemon, like an adult. 😛

Although my time here at Bill Barber park produced quite a few pokemon, many in the wild and some from hatched eggs, I wasn’t able to deduce whether or not this park was actually a nest of any sort.  Despite that, there are still two gyms at Bill Barber park, ripe for the taking. As well as a slew of pokestops, so you’re guaranteed to never run out of poke balls! All in all, I love Bill Barber park, and I highly recommend it to all Poketrainers, especially Poketrainers with little poke-trainers. 😉

Anyway, all you Awesome Gamers out there, that’s it for me this week! My adventures next week will continue to take me further south to Dana Point, and then to San Diego! If I find anything good, I’ll be sure to let you know! Until then, take care and God bless! 

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