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Overwatch Halloween Loot Box Special!! Opening 100 Loot Boxes!!

The Omnic Crisis is reaching a new level of terror as Halloween creeps closer and closer for our cast of heroic characters! Witches, zombies, mad scientists and their monsters galore are now roaming the digital graveyards of Blizzard‘s Overwatch. What does that mean for the likes of gamers like you and me? It means NEW SKINS AND SPECIAL LOOT BOXES!!! In case you missed it, here’s the trailer!

Much like the Summer Olympic Games special event that happened a while back, this season’s Halloween Special is packed with limited edition goodies that can be gained from opening special Halloween Loot Boxes. These special loot boxes are acquired the usual ways: through in game purchases using real money and through leveling up your character. However, unlike the Summer Special, the skins aren’t ONLY limited to being gained from loot boxes, they are now also purchasable! That’s guaranteed to please quite a few of the fans out there who don’t have the luxury to shell out the real world money for mucho loot boxes. Speaking of which, here’s a video of Yours Truly opening 100 loot boxes! Enjoy!

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