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PokeMonday 11-07-2016: Updates On The Daily!!

Pokemon Go

Greetings, Awesome Gamers, it’s the first Monday of November, daylight has been saved and updates have been made! If you opened up your Pokemon Go today then you might have noticed there were a few additions made, namely in the form of DAILY REWARDS!

First catch of the Day Bonus!!

That’s right, our favorite pocket monster app has decided to start rewarding players with extra XP and stardust for continuous daily use and for performing daily activities such as catching pokemon and spinning a pokestop! Performing these actions everyday for a week straight will net you even more rewards, so be sure to log in every day and stack up!

To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised that it took Niantic this long to start rewarding players with daily bonuses. I know I almost didn’t believe it myself until I spun my first pokestop today and got 13 items!?! This is definitely some much needed incentive to bring back many of the poke-trainers who have slowly drifted away from the game in the recent weeks. It is also the perfect push to get new trainers into the mix also, as the extra xp rewards will help them to level up faster and catch stronger pokemon. As a day one trainer, I’m very pleased with this latest update. Daily rewards have become almost common place with many apps these days, and I’m happy to see that Pokemon Go has decided to join their ranks. Now if only Niantic would bring back tracking… 😉

Until next time, trainers!

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