PokeMonday 9/19/2016 : South Bound To San Diego, the Search For Gyrados continues!

Happy PokeMonday to all you Awesome PokePeople out there! We hope that you’ve had a good week, just like we have. 😉 After my Magikarp adventures in Baby Beach, Dana Point, I decided to drive a little further south and see what the hunting was like in San Diego, and I was not disappointed!

dc06ba20-89e5-4a3f-9558-010b5637ee15kkr-resort-logoimg_5401My beautiful wife and I spent this past weekend at the wonderful Kona Kai Resort & Spa, on Shelter Island in San Diego. Shelter Island is a small little peninsula that plays home to only a handful of luxurious resorts, and plentiful pokemon! If you’re fortunate enough, like my wife and I were, you might even get a pokestop right in your hotel room.

There were plenty types of water pokemon on display, from Tentacruels to Seels, and my favorite: Magikarps. I barely needed to use any lures or incense while I was down in San Diego, the pokemon would just continually spawn. It was amazing! I was even fortunate enough to find a Grimer!

For those of you who would also want to check out some local color, img_5412located a few minutes away is Point Loma Base. Or at least, former base. Now the former military base is a living area and social hub, complete with museums, magikarps, parks, left over cannons and a Luna Grill. While you’re there, be sure to visit Comickaze and the San Diego Comic Art Gallery. Comickaze is a great store, with shelfs upon shelfs of graphic novels and collectibles, more than enough to break the budget of any comic collector. However, it was the San Diego Comic Art Gallery that had the superhero fan boy inside my soul doing backflips. Inside the gallery was an extensive collection of Transformers toys, as well as Godzilla memorabilia and other art house collectibles. If none of that catches your fancy, then maybe the trove of pokestops is enough to entice you to take the trip to Point Loma, San Diego.

That’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be looking at another location in San Diego, Coronado Island! Until then, be sure to look both ways before crossing the street, and always walk with your buddy – for candy reasons. 😉  See you next week, and Happy Hunting! ebbf504d9867da499d94f573240a2271

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  1. John Hawkins on September 20, 2016 at 11:06 am

    We have 2 parks right near us that both have 3 – 5 pokestops. We can drive to the first, hit all the stops, drive to second, hit all the stops and then go back to the first and they are all lit up blue again. It’s a nice little loop and a great way to bump up the pokeball count.

    At one of the parks there are two pokestops within a few yards of each other. When people drop a lure module on both of them, which happens pretty frequently, the park explodes with pokemon. It’s awesome! I’ll try and snap a pic next time.