GameStop EXPO 2016!!!!

The GameStop Expo 2016 happened today down the street from Disneyland, in the spacious Anaheim Convention Center and Awesome Game Blog was there to witness it! Your dedicated crew of Awesome Game Bloggers woke up before the sun so we could get early VIP/Press access to this fantastic event. It was a good thing we filled up on waffles and pancakes before entering the building, because we stayed the entire time, braving hunger and long lines, just so that we acquire some quality content for all you Awesome Gamers. Not to mention more than a handful of Awesome collectibles that we will be giving away to you, our faithful readers. We were able to get some footage of the Tekken 7 tournament, and quite a few VR Demos, both with HTC Vive and Playstation VR. However, we’re going to please ask that you be patient with us as we get this content ready for you. So far now, I hope you enjoy a few of these pics that I was able to capture. And please stay tuned, we’ll have our video coverage of GameStop EXPO 2016 up and in a few days. Until then, stay Awesome and Game ON!