Dead Rising is on PS4!

Happy Halloween!! It’s that time of the year again when strange children will come a knock knock knocking on your door, dressed in all manner of design and disaster, with the single minded purpose of getting what they want: candy. And much like those costumed children of the night that seek that sweet sweet calorie confection, zombies are running amok all over Willamette, Colorado. But these lifeless losers aren’t after your tasty treats, they want brains! Or at least that’s the scene starts in Capcom’s Dead Rising. Originally released as an XBox 360 exclusive back in 2006, and now a decade later Capcom has blessed us all with it’s rerelease on PS4!

headerJoin the hard headed photo journalist, Frank West, once again as he struggles to uncover the secrets behind the zombi-fication of an entire town in the rural Colorado. Using only with your trusty camera and your wits, it’s your job to find the truth! But don’t worry, you won’t be defenseless. In fact, in Dead Rising, anything you can get your hands on can be used to permanently dead the undead. Trash can? Swing it around and cause havoc. Knife? Slice and dice as much as you like. Shovel? Dig those undead goons a nice hole to sleep in. Lawn Mower? Looks like you’ve become a mow-tivational speaker! Car battery? It’s definitely a Die Hard. 😉

The more damage you do, the more experience points you will earn and the fast you will level up, so be creative. Once you level up, new upgrades will be available to you! Extended health bar, another item slot, and new fighting moves are a few of the upgrades that are available to Mr. West. Be sure to snap a lot of photos with your camera as well. Every photo you take will add to your experience points and help you increase in level. The more swanky the photo, the more experience you will earn! Dead Rising isn’t just about killing zombies, it’s also about taking cool pictures and saving lives!

You have 72 hours to discover the truth behind the living dead that roam the streets as well as try to save as many civilians as you can. Along the way, you’ll run into a few other survivors – some will want to help you, such as Otis. Others, well, let’s just say they won’t be as helpful. Otis will hand you a walkie-talkie and give you clues as to where other survivors in the mall might be. To get to those survivors you’ll have to plow through hordes of the walking dead. So be sure to keep an eye on the clock, because the living won’t stay that way for long. Don’t feel too much pressure from the clock, however, because even though you have 72 hours until the rescue chopper arrives, you can always start a new game using your stats from a previous game! It’s basically “new game plus” without having to beat the game! In fact, check out my Let’s Play video on youtube and see me do just that. I start a brand new game using previously saved stat info, and well, it just keeps getting better and better!

Personally I love this game. I have always been a huge Capcom fan, and when I first heard they were making a semi-open world zombie game, I was on board before the band wagon even had wheels. I’ve played the original version of the game many times, so I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I’ve never beaten it. And I say that I’m only “a little bit ashamed” because, well, I never cared about beating the game. I was always completely satisfied just running around obliterating every zombie I came across. I love killing zombies, and I love Dead Rising. And now, with Dead Rising being rereleased for the PS4, I have another reason to enjoy killing zombies all over again. Thank you, Capcom. 🙂