Swamp Attack! Defenders of the Bayou!

Deep in bluegrass country, all the native wildlife have been zombified, mobilized, and militarized in an effort to take over the Bayou.  However, there’s one thing standing between them and total domination: you’re own little Home Sweet Home. Plants vs Zombies brought the fight to your front lawn. Outfit7’s Swamp Attack brings tower defense straight to your front porch! So grab a handful of buckshot, turn up the volume on the radio, and start shooting!

Just Another Quiet Night…

If you’ve played a tower defense game before, then Swamp Attack is familiar territory. You are just a good ol’ boy embracing your 2nd amendment right to bear arms and defend your home, as a carnival of critters, also embracing your 2nd amendment rights (because I assume animals don’t have a constitution, and if they do I highly doubt it’s in the same numerical order), come bearing down on that home that you have the right to defend!

You begin the game with only a shotgun and a handful of ammo to protect your beautiful homestead, as waves of crocodiles swarm to your front porch. Tap on each successive crocodile to help widen their smile by unloading double barrels of peril on the hapless reptile. As you progress, the animals get bigger, and the guns just get better!

Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky!

An evil cavalcade of creepers and crawlers will continue to come for you, ranging from upright alligators, beavers brandishing chainsaws, musket packing possums, and a myriad of other creatively killer creatures! However, fear not, for you don’t have to face these fiends alone! You’ve got your friends Smith & Wesson to help you fight off the hordes of hungry home wreckers!

There are guns galore available for you to unlock and upgrade! Shotguns, revolvers, uzis, crossbows and flamethrowers! Mini Guns! Laser Guns! Blast your way through multiple levels of mammalian and reptilian (and then alien!) mayhem to earn gold stars! Collect and exchange these gold stars for the weapons, and the upgrades to these weapons, in order to wage war with the watery n’er do wells! 

When the chair is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

If you’re looking for a quirky little tower defense game that will put a smile on your face and a tap in your foot, then Swamp Attack is worth go. I played this game with my 8 year old nephew, we would take turns after every stage. He enjoyed played the new stages and seeing what kind of zany zombie animal would try to attack our porch next. On my turns, I would replay the previous levels, just to earn gold stars and upgrade the guns. Swamp Attack isn’t burdened down with a heavy story, so it’s perfect for pick up and play. As for replay value, Outfit7 is steadily releasing new episodes (there are 8 so far, with a 9th in the works) so the stages are plentiful. There is also a fun multiplayer battle mode, where you challenge an online opponent to see who will prevail, as you hurl pesky pests at each other’s porches! All in all, Swamp Attack is fun, funny, and a fresh take on tower defense! I like it! ;P