PokeMonday 8-22-2016 – I Wanna Be The Very Best! : the hunt for Bulbasaurs!

Happy PokeMonday to all you Awesome Poke-Trainers out there! Unless you’ve been living underneath a Graveler for the past few weeks, then you’ve undoubtably heard about the hand held phenomena thats sweeping the globe, Pokemon Go! Niantic Games released this gem just a little over a month ago, and already the world is changed, or should I say, evolved. Some Uber drivers have begun to offer a service to chauffeur trainers around town to collect poke-stops. Yelp now includes the poke-filter option that lets you find dining locations that are close to poke-stops and gyms. Droves upon droves of indoor gamers have suddenly stepped out into the light, portable chargers in hand, with one mantra in mind: “Gotta catch ’em all. Gotta catch ’em all.”

We here at AGB are no different. With hats flipped to the back and a pocket full of stardust, we’ve all set out on our quest to be the very best there ever was! And if our pokedex is any indication, then we’re almost there! In fact, here’s a quick look of what we’ve each got so far!

Rob's Pokedex

Rob’s Pokedex

Brandon's Pokedex

Brandon’s Pokedex

John's Pokedex

John’s Pokedex

Definitely not too shabby, if I do say so myself. 😉

look at all those pokestops!!

look at all those pokestops!!

Now personally speaking, this has been a pretty good weekend for me in terms of hunting pokemon. Since the game was released in early July, it’s common to find me walking around Old Town Tustin in the wee early hours of the weekend mornings. Why Old Town Tustin, you ask? Well, lets just say that it’s particularly motivating. And by that, I mean the place is lousy with poke-stops! I mean, just look at all them! 0_O I love waking up early on a Saturday morning, activating an incense, and just walking around Old Town. I’ve found a perfect circuit route that is exactly 2.3 kilometers, perfect for hatching eggs, as well as catching whatever pokemon pop up and collecting from every pokestop I come across. One or two laps is usually all I need to hatch an egg or two and to stock up on poke balls before I set out to other locations. This weekends locations: Heritage Park in Irvine.

Heritage Park, editedThis beautiful park, tucked away on the corner of Walnut and Yale, not only boasts a community center and a regional library, but also hosts the Irvine Fine Arts Center. However, none of those were the reasons why I was visiting Heritage Park this weekend.

from just this weekend ;P

from just this weekend ;P

Instead, I was there for one of my favorite pokemon. For you see, aside from all those notable things that I noted, Heritage Park is also a bulbasaur nest! The wife and I were there for about an hour and it’s safe to say that I caught ALL the bulbasaur. ;P



But that’s not all! Because while I was there, I was also fortunate enough to snag myself a Tauros! Brrr! It’s Cold in here! There must be some Tauros in the atmosphere! Hahaha! It was my second Tauros, so needless to say, I was a little excited. 😀

That about wraps it up for this weeks edition of PokeMondays. I’ll be visiting different locals in Southern California, and every PokeMonday I will be giving you a run down of how my week went. I intend to go out there everyday, visiting different spots every week, hatching eggs and looking for nests, all in the name of catching ’em all. So be sure to join me here every week on my quest to be the very best!