MIDNIGHT STAR RENEGADE: Run and Gun shooting on the go!

Intergalactic FPS shooting is now available on the go and in the palm of your hand with MIDNIGHT STAR RENEGADE, the latest free app from Industrial Toys LLC. Strap in, crack those knuckles, and get ready for an intuitive, fast paced, and action packed adventure that fits in your pocket! Midnight Star Renegade is filled with alien threats, armor and weapon upgrades, and tons of unlockables! If you find yourself in the app store in search of a fun run and gun experience on the run, then Midnight Star Renegade is what you’re looking for!


Midnight Star Renegade thrusts you right into action from the very start! As soon as you open this pocket-FPS app, your training in how to effectively eliminate aliens begins. The controls are surprisingly simple and precise once you get a hang of it, considering Midnight Star’s FPS roots. The learning curve to actually get the hang of it, however, well that’s a different story. I have to be honest, the first time I played this game I was more than a little confused with the controls. I didn’t fully utilize the tools the game had given me, namely the zoom button on the bottom left of the screen. Instead, I chose to continually use the directional to look around the screen, which caused quite a bit of frustration on my part. Movement consisted of running, or jumping depending on if you’ve got the right boots on, from one blue icon to another, each of which are strategically placed around the arena. Swiping around the arena from icon to icon was a tricky mechanic to get used to at first. Once I had gotten the hang of it, however, I was doing mid-air head shots like a boss! But, that’s something that will come later in the game once you’ve got the right shoes on. 😉

Midnight Star Renegade is a fun filled action shooter that’s worth your time, that is, if you’re willing to put in the time to get used to the controls. There are 15 zones in total, with multiple stages within each zone. Every stage gives you an opportunity to earn 3 gold stars, and those stars are what you will need in order to see all 15 zones.

After you complete each stage, you will be rewarded with a loot box to open which will award you with new gear for either your guns or your armor.  These loot boxes are completely random, just like the loot within them. Your gear comes in different levels as well; common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary- each class color coded for easy identification. The customization in this game reminds me a bit of Destiny, or at least a pocket version of Destiny. Which is probably part of the appeal that I have towards the game, seeing as I do love Destiny. 😉

All in all, I found myself truly enjoying this game. As I stated, it took me a moment to fully realize the potential for fun to be had in Midnight Star Renegade; mostly due to the learning curve when it comes to adjusting to the controls. But after I had gotten past that, I discovered an addictive mobile FPS with enough loot and gear to keep me coming back and killing aliens for quite a while. This game isn’t perfect of course; it has in-app purchases and the load times are slightly longer than some would prefer. But, the game IS free, and with such slick graphics and exciting game play, Midnight Star Renegade is easily a contender for hand held shooter of the year.