MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE has been officially announced!!

HUGE news coming out of the Marvel/Capcom camp this weekend as a brand new announcement video was released onto youtube signaling the beginning of an all new era in fighting games. That’s right, MARVEL VS CAPCOM IS BACK!

What We Know So Far

As of this post, three videos have been released by Marvel: A teaser trailer, a gameplay trailer and an extended gameplay trailer that show off the amazing graphics of MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE. The teaser trailer boasts amazing cinematic elements show-casing a battle between two forerunners from each camp. Ryu and Mega-Man from team Capcom, versus Iron Man and Captain Marvel from team Marvel. img_6231There’s no actual gameplay footage shown in the teaser trailer, however we do get a glimpse at some key players. Namely, the infinity stones (confirmed by the gameplay trailers), which were activated by Ryu using the Power Stone to transform into Evil Ryu and went to town on Iron Man, and then by Captain Marvel, using the Time Stone, which gave her increased speed to avenge her comrade. Who know’s exactly how the stones will effect gameplay, however the mechanic isn’t new, as we’ve seen them before in the original Marvel Super Heroes fighting game which was released by Capcom back in 1995. Also in that game, was the Mad Titan, THANOS, wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. At the end of the teaser trailer, there was an image drenched in shadow sitting upon a thrown. Could the the presence of the infinity stones signal the return of the Mad Titan to the fighting stage? Quite possibly. Although to be honest, I thought it was Ultron on that thrown.


Whether or not the unseen menace was Ultron or Thanos, (or who knows, it could even be both, two sets of eyes did appear) is still unclear as an exact tally for the roster has not yet been established. Thanks to the gameplay and extended gameplay trailers, we do know 6 characters that have already been announced. Representing Capcom will be: Ryu, Mega Man and Morrigan. Representing Marvel so far, will be: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. We also know, thanks to those same two trailers, that the graphics are jaw-droppingly amazing! Everything just looks mind blowing! Being a life-long Capcom fighting game fan, there’s really no proper words for me to describe how I felt as I watched this trailer. So here, just watch it yourself. 😉

Hopefully, you enjoy’d it as much as I did. Now…. when’s 2017 getting here?