Pokémon GO: Episode 3 – Show Format Evolves, New Title “Pokémon POP!”

This podcast got its new name, Pokémon POP, because we realized the past couple of episodes were way too long and we needed a time limit. We thought the best way to keep it short was to limit ourselves to the time of a Lucky Egg timer. From now on, we’ll start each episode by popping a Lucky Egg and wrap everything up when the timer runs out.

This Week In Pokémon Evolutions

John and I both caught enough candy to evolve some brand new Pokémon this week. I was able to evolve Exeggutor, Ninetales, and Seadra while John evolved Gangar and Machomp.

Next Generation Pokémon

Starbucks printout showing nextgen Pokémon release dates.

Click to view full image.

New evidence pointing to the imminent release of 2nd generation Pokémon came out today on the Silph Road Reddit. The release date appears to be December 8th (Happy Birthday Jeff!). There will be an accompanying special Starbucks recipe that appears to be berry flavored. Additionally most company owned Starbucks will become a Pokestop or a Gym. So, basically every other corner in the United States will have something!

Other Highlights

  • Our buddy, Jason, stopped by in the chat and got a few questions answered.
  • John crossed over 1,000,000 total xp this week
  • John’s “caught at my desk” list continues to grow out of control