Overwatch Celebrates the Year of the Rooster!

The Lunar New Year is in full effect in 2017 and the folks at Blizzard have once again cooked up something special for their Overwatch fans! We’re talking new skins, new emotes, stickers and much more! In keeping with the spirit of the lunar new year, prepare to see a lot of red and gold, and be sure to keep an eye out for a special feathered friend on the shoulder of our favorite beep-booping robo-pal!

There is also a  brand new brawl! Blizzard has finally brought capture the flag to Overwatch, special for the new year: Capture the Rooster! The development team worked hard to tweak and perfect the capture the flag game mode in order to blend and work seamlessly with Overwatch’s unique and diverse cast of characters. The end result is another fun filled action packed brawl that is sure to leave fans wanting more! Just remember: Defense is KING!

With such great things lined up, and for only a limited time, you know I had to get in on the action! But don’t worry, I didn’t keep the fun all to myself. I opened up 50 red lunar lootboxes to celebrate the year of the Rooster, and if you want to see what I got, then check it out for yourself!

Personally speaking, I am in LOVE with the Journey to the West skins for Zenyatta, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Winston. Journey to the West is one of my favorite tales, and to see it represented in one of my favorite shooters is just fan service that I didn’t even know I wanted. So, thank you, Blizzard! If you’ve got a favorite skin, or sticker or voice line, write it in the comments and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!